The best beauty advice we’ve heard this year

Everybody is the CEO of their beauty startup. When it comes to finding a routine that’s effective, you’ll have to learn by doing. What is your budget? What should you spend money on? How can you make this work the same as that or just run smoothly? It’s not easy to start. There are a lot of terms to learn and processes to become familiar with. It’s important to network. We’re always learning new tips from The Top Shelf to help us navigate the beauty aisle. Think of the interviewees like beauty mentors and you as their bright-eyed and bushy-tailed beneficiary. There were many gems of wisdom that we learned from the Top Shelf group this year.

Beauty at its best should make you feel more yourself

My three things are mascara, lip gloss, and eyebrows. “My three things would be mascara, lip gloss and eyebrows.” — Poppy, Musician

When I wear a lip color, I cannot wear any blush. My face should feel matte. It’s almost like Snow White and Gwen Stefani. When I don’t have a red lipstick, I only use balm. Then I will do a flushed face.” — Athena Calderone. Interior Designer, Author + Chef

When I was young, my mother would tell me to avoid wearing red lipstick on dark skin because it looked garish. But the moment she said it, it made want to buy all of the red lipsticks. I think bright lipsticks, especially dark ones with a lot of pigmentation, look great on dark skin. Because I am a makeup novice, I have always used lipstick to create a cohesive look. — Zeba Bly, Writer

You don’t need to spend a lot of money.

It just shows that cheaper formulations can be excellent.” Charlotte Palermino, Founder, Dieux Skin It shows that even cheaper formulations are excellent. — Charlotte Palermino Founder of Dieux Skin

The Body Shop is my little secret. The Body Shop is my secret.

“I alternate using a Pond’s Cold Cream or a makeup wipe to remove my foundation. Pond’s is available for a mere few dollars and it’s fantastic. [And] I use the original Dove Beauty Bar to wash my face. Dove bars contain 25 percent moisturizer so they cleanse while protecting your skin’s moisture barrier.

It’s cheap, my grandmother used it and so did my mother. I will also fight crows’ feet with Vaseline–my favorite eye cream. “[Another thing that I love to do is] soak in warm water with Johnson and Johnson baby oil and let it soak.” — Lala, Vanderpump rules

It’s not all bad.

I didn’t know where to begin. “I had never invested in my skin before last year. Let’s face it, these products are pricey. It’s a requirement to have certain income levels, and I was fortunate to have mine. Money is the answer to everyone’s question, “What’s a celebrity’s secret?” It’s really money.” — Peyton Dix

It’s never too late to learn something new

It makes a huge difference in the way it distributes product.” It’s amazing how it changes the way product is distributed. — Tabria Minors, Model

“I went to New Zealand for a winter break during college to work at a Manuka Honey Farm. I had always wanted to visit New Zealand. It was a lot of fun, but it left me with a really bad sunburn. I was told by the mother of the family who owns the farm to use the honey that we were harvesting for my face. We would sit in front the TV every night with Manuka honey dripping off our faces.” — Michelle Li, Stylist and Creative

There are only a handful of gemstones you should be cautious with oils and alcohols. The most common ones include pearls, turquoise, coral and sand. Because they’re porous and absorbent, anything you apply will damage or discolor the jewelry. It’s not necessary to remove gold or gemstones such as sapphires and garnets before washing your hands. However, I do it before applying hand lotion. Oil will stick to the gemstones, making them dull.” — Joanna Gong Private Sales Director Specialist at Sotheby’s

Even the most persistent problems can be solved

I learned that it’s also available as a foam, which is great because I can spray it directly on my scalp, even if I have braids.”It was only later that I discovered it is also available in a foam form, which I love because I can spray directly onto my scalp even with braids. — Rinny perkins, Comedian and Visual Artist

“Lily wanted a blonde hair color, but we highlighted it first and then rooted it. I lightened the entire head, and then used dark ammonia free hair color at the roots to keep her color from turning red. I left the bottom part of the hair raw and toned it with level 8 or 9. It was great because she didn’t need to touch up for six months.” — Tracey C. Cunningham, Owner + Colorist, Meche Salon

“Every two-weeks I dry brush.” Dry brushing helps me get rid of flakes on my legs, which I’ve had for years. It’s only for that reason. — Diarrha N’Diaye Mbaye, CEO & Founder, Ami Col

It’s taken me years to learn how to get rid of my baby hairs. Vaughn Molding Paste V76 is a great product. I apply a small amount to the surface of my hair and press it down. This is especially true around the part that sticks out the most. It’s then brushed back with a regular comb. This holds better for me than hairspray.” — Dominatrix

If you cannot find one, then most rules are intended to be broken

“I apply [Milky Jelly Cleanser] to my face before showering, then leave it in the shower for five minutes. I wash it off afterwards with water. If I have small spots I also put some on at night, and sleep with it. I always see my spots disappear the next morning. It balances my face in some way.

This creates a perfect corkscrew curl.” This creates the perfect corkscrew cur.” — Emily DiDonato. Model and Founder of Covey

It’s a body brand for me–their Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution goes on the back of my arms too, and I use the red AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution on my feet to get rid of calluses.” The Ordinary is a brand I like for my body. Their Glycolic Acid Toning Solution also goes on the backs of my arms, and the red AHA 30 + BHA 2 % Peeling Solution helps me remove calluses on my feet.

I do the same thing with Givenchy Ombre Couture Waterproof Cream–I really like products that are multipurpose. I use the Givenchy Ombre Couture Waterproof Cream in the same way. I like multi-purpose products. — Youri, Co-Founder and CTO of Newness

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